Federal & Military Specifications Numerical Index

The Federal Government has issued more than 20,000 separate specifications describing items which it purchases or uses. These are divided into two broad categories, Military Specifications and Federal Specifications. The former are prepared by agencies of the Department of Defense and are mandatory for use by all Departments and Agencies of the DOD. Federal Specifications may be prepared by either military or civil agencies of the U.S. Government and are mandatory for use by all elements of the Federal Government.

In addition, there are Military Standards and Federal Standards and Interim Purchase Description (IPIDES).

When the number following the alphabetical prefix has “00” as its first two digits, this indicates that it is an Interim document which has not yet been coordinated with all other applicable agencies of the Federal Government. When reissued after coordination, the “00” is eliminated.

Revisions of Military and Federal Specifications are indicated by the alphabetical suffix. Thus, the current issue of PPP-F-320D superseded its predecessor document, PPP-F-320C. Further more, amendments to the documents frequently are issued between revisions. Hence, in all instances it is necessary to refer to the issue currently in effect. We have provided a listing of specifications for you reference and use, it is possible that these specs could have changed or been modified. It is recommended that a full current issue be reviewed to insure conformance.

We have provided a listing of military specifications for you reference and use, it is possible that these specs could have changed or been modified. It is recommended that a full current issue of PPP-F-320D be reviewed to insure conformance.

Fed. Test Std. 101Packaging: Preservation, Packaging, and 48 Packing Materials, Test Procedures. This covers the physical and chemical testing methods for determining the ability for preservation, packaging and packing to protect items during shipment and storage.
Fed. Std. 102Packing: Preservation, Packaging and Packing Levels. Guidelines are given to assist government packaging experts in determining how much protection should be given items covered in other specifications.
Fed. Std. 123Shipments: Marking for Domestic shipments (Civilian Agencies). This is the civilian counterpart to MIL-STD-1 29 described under 101.
Fed. Std. 224Boxes: Closing, Sealing and Reinforcing of fiberboard Shipping Boxes, General Methods for. Covers the many acceptable methods for the closing, sealing and reinforcing of shipping containers of various styles
JAN-P-137Bags/Sacks: Textile and Paper.
L-C-11OCellophane: Coated and Non-Coated Re-generated Cellulose Film.
L-P-370Plastic Film: Copolymer of Vinyl and Vinylidene Chloride.
L-P-375Plastic Film: Flexible, Vinyl Chloride.
L-P-377Plastic Sheet: Polyester-Strip.
L-P-378Subsistence. dense Plastic Sheets: Barrier Materials Polyproplene, Thin gauge, Polyolefin.
L-T-90Tape Pressure Sensitive: Adhesive Cellophane and Cellulose Acetate.
L-T-99Tape Pressure Sensitive: Acetate Fiber.
MIL-A-101Adhesive: Water Resistant for Fiberboard Boxes.
MIL-A-140Adhesive: Water Resistant for Waterproof Barrier Material.
MIL-A-148Aluminum Foil
MlL-A-82484Adhesive and Sealing Compounds: Cellulose Nitrate Base, Solvent Type, Water Resistant for Water-Proof Barrier Materials.
MIL-B-117Bags: Interior Packaging, Waterproof, Greaseproof.
MIL-B-121Barrier Materials: Greaseproof, Waterproofed, Flexible, Non-Corrosive.
MIL-B-131Barrier Materials: Water-Vaporproof, Flexible.
MIL-B-137Bags/Sacks: For Packaging of Substance Items, Textile and Paper.
MIL-B-3106Board: Composition, Water Resistant, Solid (for filler or cushioning pads).
MIL-B-3149Bailing Boards.
MIL-B-13239Barrier Material: Waterproofed, Flexible, All-Temperature.
MIL-B-15906Boxes/Container: Self-Locking and Sleeve (for shipping EAM Cards).
MIL-B-17757Boxes: Fiber, Corrugated (Modular Sizes).
MIL-B-19108(S&A)Boxes: Fiberboard, Shelf.
MIL-B-19880(Aer)Boxes: Paperboard, Metal-Stayed, Reusable.
MIL-P-116Preservation: Methods of.
MIL-P-130Wrapping Paper: Laminated and Creped Non-Corrosive Greaseproof Material.
MIL-P-3420Barrier Materials: Greaseproof, Waterproof, Moldable, Packaging Materials, VCI Treated, Opaque.
MIL-P-17667Wrapping Paper: Chemically Neutral.
MIL-P-1964Molded Polystyrene.
MIL-P-40105Paper: Kraft (Uncreped Extensible).
MIL-P-81997Pouches: Cushioning, Flexible, Electrostatic Free, Reclosable, Transparent.
MIL-STD-105Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes: Sampling plans, inspections levels and quality levels are given. Most specifications refer to MIL-STD-105 for their quality control provisions.
MIL-STD-129Marking for Shipment and Storage: To avoid confusion in warehouses and in transit, standard nomenclature and standard locations are needed for the vast amounts of information which must be printed or stenciled on boxes This document gives this information.
MIL-STD-147Palletized Unit Loads: Describes and Illustrates the practices and procedures to be followed in palletizing unit loads.
MIL-STD-726Packaging Requirements Codes: Establishes and defines a system for coding essential preservation and packaging of data.
MIL-STD-794Parts and Equipment, Procedures for Packaging and Packing of: Includes procedures required to select packaging and packing materials for parts and equipment.
MIL-STD-1186Military Standard, Cushioning: Anchoring, Bracing, Blocking and Waterproofing (General Specifications)
MIL-STD-1187Intermediate and Exterior Containers: Standard Size Unit, for Modular Packaging and Unitization of the 40″ by 48″ pallet. Container sizes and unit load arrangements are covered.
MIL-STD-1188Commercial Packaging of Supplies and Equipment: Establishes minimum commercial preservation, packing and marking requirements for supplies and equipment exclusive of ammunition, explosives and hazardous materials.
MIL-STD-1189SStandard Sybology for Marking Unit Packs, Outer Containers and Selected Documents: Gives details on the LOGMAR requirements for military and federal bar codes.
MIL-STD-1335Boxes: Fiberboard, Corrugated, Modular, Intermodel. This involves a series of weather-resistant boxes of modular design styles. Established for consolidation of shipments into unit loads compatible with cargo containers and carrier equipment.
MIL-STD-90363Boxes: Fiberboard, with Cushioning for Minimum Cube Storage and Limited Reuse Applications, Provides materials, dimensions, assembly and marking.
MIL-T-21200Test Equipment for Use with Electronic and Electrical Equipment: General Specification for.
MIL-T-43036Tape Pressure-Sensitive: Ammunition Container Sealing
MIL-V-8574Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) in Preservation and Packaging: Use of.
MIL-V-15196Vermiculite: Absorbent Loose Fill.
MMM-A-179Adhesive: Water-Resistant, for Sealing Paper labels and Markings (overcoating) Water Emulsion Type.
PPP-B-15Bags and Envelopes: Cellophane.
PPP-B-20Bags: Cotton, Mailing.
PPP-B-23Bags: Motion Sickness.
PPP-B-25Bags: Plastic, Polyethylene (Liners).
PPP-B-26Bags: Plastic, Polyethylene (Sandwich).
PPP-B-28Bags: Plastic, Polyethylene (General Purpose).
PPP-B-35Bags: Textile, Shipping, Burlap, Cotton and Waterproof Laminated.
PPP-B-96Cans: Metal, Tear Strip.
PPP-B-562Boxes: Corrugated Fiberboard, High Compression Strength, Weather-Resistant, Double Wall.
PPP-B-565Boxes: Folding, Paperboard.
PPP-B-566Boxes: Folding.
PPP-B-569Box & Plastic Liners: Liquids.
PPP-B-576Boxes: Wood, Cleated, Veneer, Paper, Overlaid.
PPP-B-587Boxes: Wood, Wirebound Pallet-type.
PPP-B-591Boxes: Wood, Cleated Plyboard.
PPP-B-621Boxes: Wood, Mailed and Lock Center.
PPP-B-636Boxes: Fiberboard.
PPP-B-638Boxes: Liners and Sleeves, Fiberboard Knocked-Down, Flat. When knocked-down Boxes or interior parts are to be shipped overseas, or stored for long periods, they must be carefully packed. Domestic shipments need not be packed in the same way. This specification provides the detailed requirements.
PPP-B-640Boxes: Fiberboard, Corrugated, Triple Wall. Describes a triple wall box with stipulated flute arrangements, minimum combined board caliper and minimum edgewise compression (short column crush) value.
PPP-B-650Boxes: Fiberboard Special Purpose (Records Retiring). A Corrugated box used by the Federal Government as a storage container for its records.
PPP-B-655Boxes: Fiberboard, Six or Eight Sides. Seven Different multisided corrugated boxes are described.
PPP-B-665Boxes: Metal Stayed, Paperboard.
PPP-B-670Boxes: Setup, Mailing, Dental.
PPP-B-676Boxes: Set-Up.
PPP-B-1O11Boxes: Folding Paperboard (For Food Packaging).
PPP-B-1055Paper: Wrapping, Waterproofed Kraft.
PPP-B-1163Fiberboard: Corrugated, Wax Resin Impregnated.
PPP-B-1364Boxes: Corrugated Fiberboard, High Strength, Weather-Resistant, Double Wall. This describes a special grade of double wall board mead with laminated facings and one laminated corrugated medium.
PPP-B-1606Boxes: Fiberboard Special Use. Eight die cut styles of boxes are covered by specification intended for shipment and storage of postal money order forms.
PPP-B-1608Boxes: Corrugated Fiberboard, Weather Resistant, Coated.
PPP-B-1672Fast Packs: Corrugated & Foam.
PPP-C-29Canned Subsistence Items, Packaging and Packing of: Covers requirements for the packaging and packing of subsistence items in round, sanitary-style metal cans.
PPP-C-55Cans: Fiberboard and Paperboard (with Boxes Paper and Metal Ends).
PPP-C-186Containers: Packaging and Packing for Drugs, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals.
PPP-C-300Chemicals: Liquid Packaging and Packing for.
PPP-C-301Chemicals: Dry and Paste, Packaging and Packing of.
PPP-C-569Containers: Plastic Melded (for Liquids, Pastes & Powders) overpacked.
PPP-C-650Crates: Wood, Open & Covered.
PPP-C-723Drums: Fiber.
PPP-C-795Cushioning Material: Cellular Plastic Film for packaging application.
PPP-C-843Cushioning Material: Cellulosic.
PPP-C-850Cushioning Material: Polystyrene, Expanded Resilient (for Packaging Uses).
PPP-C-1120Cushioning: Rubberized Hair.
PPP-C-1581Cans: Composite, with Metal Ends for Liquid.
PPP-C-1683Cushioning: Flowable.
PPP-C-1842Cushioning Open Coil: Plastic.
PPP-D-723Drums: Fiberboard.
PPP-E-540Envelopes: Packing List, Water-Resistant.
PPP-E-911Excelsior: Wood, Fabricated Pads and Bulk Form.
PPP-F-320Boxes: Wood Cleated Fiberboard.
PPP-F-685Packing and Marking of: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
PPP-G-460Glass Containers: One Gallon Capacity and Smaller, for other than Medicinal Products; Packaging and Packing of. Prescribes the requirements for shipment of filled glass containers.
PPP-L-440Liner Material: Greaseproof, (for Spirally Wound Fiber Containers).
PPP-P-25Printing and Stationery Paper: Packaging and Packing of.
PPP-P-115Pads: Macerated Paper.
PPP-P-150Paper: Shredded, Waxed.
PPP-P-291Paperboard: Wrapping, Cushioning.
PPP-P-600Porcelain Enamel Products and Household Appliances, Electrical and Mechanical-Requirements for Packaging of: The performance tests in this specification are intended for use in general materials handling operations.
PPP-P-700Protector: Packing List.
PPP-P-1660Pallet, Expandable: The pallets covered by this specification are intended for use in general materials handling operations.
PPP-S-30Sacks: Shipping, Paper Cushioned.
PPP-S-50Sacks: Shipping Paper (Reinforced).
PPP-T-42Tape: Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (General Packaging Application).
PPP-T-45Tape: Gummed, Paper Reinforced.
PPP-T-60Pressure Sensitive Tape: Paper, Water Resistant.
PPP-T-66Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape: (Vinyl Plastic Film).
PPP-T-70Tape: Pressure-Sensitive (Packaging cut styles of boxes are covered by this Grade Vinyl Plastic Film).
PPP-T-76Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape: Paper, Water-Resistant.
PPP-T-97Pressure Sensitive Tape: Filament-Reinforced.
PPP-T-495Tubes: Mailing and Filing.
PPP-T-1014Tubes: Specimen Mailing.
PPP-V-205Veneer: Paper Overlaid, Container Grade.
QQ-S-692Metal Cans: Rectangular.
S-30-8(IP/des)Boxes: Interim Purchase Description for Corrugated Fiberboard, Highly Weather-Resistant.
UU-B-23Bags: Paper, Foil-Laminated, Flame-Retardant.
UU-B-25Bags: Paper, Insulted.
UU-B-36Bags: Paper, Grocery.
UU-B-38Bags: Hardware.
UU-B-40Bags: Shopping.
UU-B-43Bags: Paper, Waste Receptacle.
UU-B-50Bags: Paper, Waxed (Sandwich).
UU-B-71Band: Paper, Shirt Wrapping.
UU-B-664Boxes: Pharmaceutical.
UU-B-790Paper: Building, Waterproof.
UU-C-225Carton: Egg.
UU-C-282Clipboard: Plain.
UU-L-49Labels: Gummed Paper.
UU-L-1644Labels: Paper, Pressure-Sensitive, Adhesive, Water-Resistant.
UU-P-31Paper: General Specifications and Methods Items of Testing. Most of the tests in this specification are the same as the TAPPI and ASTM Standards. Procedures are given for many of the more basic tests on paper.
UU-P-134Paper: Wrapping, Wet-Waxed.
UU-P-268Paper: Kraft Untreated Wrapping.
UU-P-270Paper: Wrapping, Waxed (dry).
UU-P-271Paper: Wrapping, Waterproofed Kraft.
UU-P-272Paper: Wrapping, Freezer (Polyethylene Coated).
UU-P-273Paper: Wrapping Freezer (waxed).
UU-P-553Paper: Wrapping, Tissue.
UU-S-48Sacks: Paper, Shipping.
UU-T-45Tape: Paper.
UU-T-78Tag Board: Manila.
UU-T-75Tag Board: Jute.
UU-T-81Tags: Shipping and Stock.
UU-T-111Tape: Gummed Sealing.
UU-T-665Trays & Boards: Prepacking (Paperboard and Molded Pulp).
UU-T-670Trouser Guard: Clothes Hanger.