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Protect the contents of your sealed packages and containers with military-strength Engelhard Desiccite® 25.

Engelhard Desiccite 25 is an activated clay desiccant that meets or exceeds rigid
Military Specification MIL-D-3464E for the control of atmospheric humidity or moisture within a sealed package or container. Engelhard Desiccite 25 protects the contents of those packaged from possible corrosion or mildew during shipment and storage.

The many traditional static dehumidification applications for Engelhard Desiccite 25 include:

Electronics, including computer and electronic control components

Military armaments

Machine parts

Photographic and optical devices

Medical equipment

Aerospace, high technology products and weapons

Film, paper and metal

Food packaging, shipment and storage

Packaged chemicals

Packaging of any hygroscopic materia

Non-traditional applications are virtually endless. Ask your Engelhard Desiccite 25 distributor how he can help solve your particular moisture-control problems.

Engelhard Desiccite 25 is more economical than silica gel. On a per unit basis it exceeds tough military performance specifications, and outperforms silica gel in water absorption at various humidity levels:

Dust-Free for critical applications

In addition to kraft and sewn bags, Engelhard Desiccite 25 is available in Tyvek bags. Engelhard Desiccite 25 Tyvek bags are ideal for applications where dust must be kept to a minimum. Tyvek packaging provides dustproof, particulate free and chemically inert, tear and puncture resistant packaging.

Chemically inert, odorless and non-corrosive

Engelhard Desiccite 25 absorbs moisture vapor through the capillary action of the absorbent particles. Neither the particles nor the bag containing them are physically changed. The container doesn't become saturated so it doesn't soften or liquefy during use. Contact of metal parts with the bag will not cause corrosion.

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